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It's happened to you.

You received a phone call out of the blue, or you bumped into someone who led you to a new job, a new relationship, or opportunity that totally changed your life. You probably even said, "Wow, what a coincidence I met so-and-so." But...did you ever stop to ask what caused that person to be right there, at that exact moment, in your path? It was Divine Alignment: the arrangement of coincidences into a pattern of alignment so astonishing they could have come only from a higher source.

In this inspiring work, SQuire Rushnell shows readers how they can navigate life's thorniest hurdles, rediscover the deep meaning and impact of personal prayer, and develop the individual conviction and wherewithal it takes to reach their full potential and fulfill their most ambitious dreams by honoring the book's seven easy-to-follow steps.

In his friendly and wonderfully optimistic voice, SQuire shares moving stories from his own and others' lives to show the awesome strength inherent in what he calls God's Positioning System, or GPS. All of us, he assures readers, can use our own personal GPS to grow more closely aligned with God and become vastly more effective, successful, and fulfilled in our relationships, careers, and everything we do.



“Great book! As usual, Squire Rushnell has created another uplifting book that opens our eyes to our great and loving God, and what He is doing around us … concerned about our everyday happenings.

So many people don't realize how easily you can connect with God. This book shares these insights and short stories of actual people who have seen His hand moving in our life situations, revealing His love and care.

A must book if you’re wondering, ‘Does God really care about me?’ He does, and you can have your eyes opened to the countless ways to see it! If you read it, you'll be buying more. A Wonderful Gift for Christmas!

Barbara Gephart   

5 stars


“Have always believed in the principles in this book. So glad to have a word like "Godwink ". It's perfect! My friends also are in perfect agreement with the principles-never had them read a book so quickly!!   

5 stars


“I have read all of Squire Rushnell's books and I really felt this one was the best! I love his "real life" stories about how faith in God guided people's lives. So interesting to read about famous people and their struggles to the top and realize we are all the same.

I especially liked how he tied-in all the ‘heaven experiences’ and pointed out how most seem to miraculously say the same thing. I am a devout Catholic and have always experienced God Winks, as Squire refers to them, and absolutely feel they have guided my life. The more you acknowledge them, the more you have the experiences.

If you haven't read his other books, I would read them first, but I highly recommend Divine Alignment. Very uplifting, reassuring and such a confirmation on prayers answered.”  

Shelly Gray    

5 stars


“I love this book, and the two other Godwink books that I read by the same author. I already recommended these books to my friends.

It basically says that God is working through our lives to make certain things happen in our favor. Sometimes this may take years or only a few months or weeks, but overall, God is working in our lives always connecting us to people, places, things, moments, etc., that can later bring a positive outcome.

It also says to think of God us our own personal GPS guiding us through life. That makes sense! If we trust a cars GPS to help us find an address, why not trust the very being who created us!

The stories in this book are great, and share amazing examples of how God is constantly aligning our lives. The only thing with this book is that it shares stories of those who already believe in God, so you must be a believer in God or a higher source, or at least be an open minded person to really value the significance of this book's message. Overall, great book in my opinion!”  


5 stars