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SQuire Rushnell - "The Godwink Guy"

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SQuire Rushnell “The Godwink Guy”

New York Times Bestselling author SQuire Rushnell warms the hearts of audiences while placing you on the edge of your seats. According to TV network founder Pat Robertson, "He's the best storyteller since Mark Twain."

SQuire tells one astonishing story after another ... illustrating that Godwink Mysteries are indeed hidden in plain sight. But, he counsels, once you follow the steps, learning to see your Godwinks, you'll see them all the time.

He also takes you on the journey of a new word in our language and dictionaries, "Godwink" ... demonstrating that "coincidence" and "Godwinks" are similar terms, but highly distinct.

SQuire provides a glimpse behind-the-scenes of his popular “Godwinks on NBC Today” segment … goes on the set for his lauded and top-ranked Hallmark Godwink Movie Series ... and provides a sneak-peek into the first Netflix movie from the new book "Dogwinks" in which every true Godwink story stars a dog.

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