by SQuire Rushnell, “The Godwink Guy”

It was truly a “Godwink” that my first book of hope and encouragement was released just before 9/11, almost as if it was predestined to help a hurting nation.

The new word “Godwinks” quickly entered into the language representing those little “coincidences” that didn’t feel like coincidence, but instead, seemed to be a tangible connection to a divine source.

But... you might inquire ... where did that word "Godwinks" come from?

While writing my first book, When God Winks, I found myself asking, “If there’s no coincidence to coincidence, what do you call it?” My wonderful wife Louise and I talked and prayed about it for weeks. One day the new little word floated into my consciousness⎯ “Godwink”⎯it was fun and friendly like “Godsend” or “Godspeed”.

When God Winks book cover

I immediately substituted “Godwink” for every use of the term “coincidence” in my manuscript and it fit! Word of mouth phenomena took it from there and today “Godwinks” is showing up in dictionaries, news stories, and is in the fourth season of a monthly segment on NBC Today. Built on the foundation of ten books brimming with amazing true life Godwink stories, the Hallmark Channel subsequently initiated the Godwinks Movie Series for 2018.

Over time, the term “Godwinks” has been honed by readers of more than one and a half million books that have been sold. While the first dictionary meaning remains, “A coincidence that isn’t coincidence, but is thought to be of divine origin,” readers led us to a second meaning for Godwink. It had never dawned on me that there was no word in the English language for “answered prayer.” Our readers began filling that vacancy by saying, “I just had a Godwink!”

The original mission of Godwinks remains unchanged: to lift the spirits of our readers and viewers with powerful and true-life Godwink stories, providing hope and encouragement.

Godwinks are truly “Signs of Hope.”