SQuire Rushnell

Yes, capital Q, SQuire’s a popular speaker and the New York Times Bestselling author who introduced the word “Godwink” into the language“coincidences that aren’t really coincidence but of divine origin.” SQuire has more than one and one half million books in print and his monthly Godwinks segment on NBC Today Show is one of the most streamed.

As a veteran ABC Television Network executive, he led Good Morning America to number one and was a father of the acclaimed Schoolhouse Rock series and ABC After School Specials. Programs under his direction captured more than 75 Emmy Awards

SQuire’s Facebook page is a daily Godwink Gathering where some 270,000 fans share their extraordinary stories.

The Hallmark Channel Godwinks Movie Series premiers during the 2018 season. 

Louise DuArt

Known as “One of The World's Best Comedic/Impressionists," Louise DuArt co-starred with Tim Conway and Harvey Korman for fifteen seasons.

Clean and funny, Louise dazzles audiences with fast-paced conversations between Bart Simpson, Judge Judy, Barbra Streisand, Barbara Walters, and dozens more. Her husband SQuire Rushnell wryly observes, "I never know who I'm waking up next to."

For eight seasons Louise hosted a popular daily talk show on the ABC Family Channel, Living The Life; toured as a popular Women of Faith speaker; and has garnered rave reviews starring in various Broadway productions.

Louise has co-authored four books with her husband SQuire, including Godwink Stories and The Godwink Effect. She is also Executive Producer on the Hallmark Channel Godwinks Movie Series.

SQuire and Louise, are year 'round residents of Martha’s Vineyard.