Chris and TunDe

NBC TODAY 9/18/17 - 

This extraordinary Godwink Story, presented by SQuire Rushnell on NBC TODAY, shows the power of stepping out of our comfort zones and helping others in need. When we do, so often, Godwinks follow. You'll love Chris and TunDe's sweet story!

Amy & Justin - Kindergarten Love

NBC TODAY 8/16/17 - 

Amy & Justin knew there was something special about their love ... both had emerged from terrible relational situations ... but there was no way to anticipate the Godwink that unfolded ... a SIGN of HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT. SQuire Rushnell's monthly Godwink takes away the breaths of Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Mary "Best Mom Ever"

NBC TODAY 6/26/17 - 

SQuire Rushnell's monthly Godwinks segment on NBC TODAY features Mary Alexander who is facing Mother's Day with loneliness and sadness. One son has moved to Norway and the other died unexpectedly at 39. Lamenting that she'll have no Mother's Day cards this year, Mary discovers a Godwink that leaves her sobbing on the floor.

Jennifer & Mystery Mary

NBC TODAY 4/26/17 -

Jennifer Bobbitt had a small jewelry making business out of her home in Columbus, Ohio. She heard that a woman she didn’t know … Mary McNamara …had lost her husband. Jennifer was deeply touched and made a bracelet asking that it be passed on to the the lady named Mary. But… she had no idea … she was triggering future Godwinks.

Ginger & Stinky Soap

NBC Today 3/28/17 - 

Ginger Marshall's charming and touching story about the book on home remedies she bought for her mom 15 years earlier that became a huge Godwink!

Lisa's Gift from Dad

NBC Today 2/22/17 

Lisa Brown Langley tells how she was haunted by a fear of having wounded her father's feelings when she turned down his offer to buy her an expensive Herme's scarf for her 30th birthday. He died shortly thereafter. But, through an astonishing Godwink, on her 50th birthday, she finally received the gift her Dad wanted her to have.

Tricia & Trish

NBC TODAY 11/1/16

Tricia Seaman, a nurse who dreamed of a large family, was disappointed and troubled that she could no longer have children. But imagine her surprise when a stranger ... a woman with the same initials and same first name, said, "I've only a short while to live ... will you and your husband raise my son?" This is a heartrending Godwink story.

God Winks on Patrick & Margery

NBC TODAY 6/8/16

The Godwink Guy, SQuire Rushnell, shares Patrick and Margery's wonderful love story. The fell for each other in 7th Grade, but life intervened and they moved on. Years later Patrick searches the LA phone book but finds no trace of her. However, an astonishing godwink intervenes. SHE FINDS HIM! See why Hoda calls this her favorite Godwink ever!

Jonna's Texas Roses

NBC TODAY 4/6/16

SQuire Rushnell's Godwinks on Today segment features former Miss Texas Jonna Fitzgearld's charming Godwink Story about her sweet mother, Eddie Ruth, who had just graduated to heaven. Suffering from fresh grief, Jonna suddenly hears her mother's voice from the backseat of the car! How could that have happened?

Jake's Story

NBC TODAY 2/19/16 

Vicki Chapman tells how she was asked by her nine year old grandson Jake to read his book report, due the following Monday. It was a book about a boy who loved basketball but came down with a serious illness. The very day Jake's book report was due, he learned he had the very illness the boy in the book suffered. But, the Godwink had prepared him for it.

Kate and The Flight Attendants

NBC TODAY 12/25/15

Kate Hughes was heartsick that a string of health issues and financial setbacks was preventing her from attending her son's wedding. On the eve of the wedding, two Southwest Flight Attendants approached the her cash register at Cracker Barrel. You'd never guess the Godwink that allowed Kate to show up the next day as the surprise guest at the wedding!

Tim & Don's Triple Godwinks!

NBC TODAY 10/27/15

Tim Jones and Don Herbert, two strangers drawn together through the Godwink of a favorite song, subsequently witnessed triple Godwinks that saved both of their lives!

Karen Kingsbury & Rod Stewart

NBC TODAY 5/14/15

Karen Kingsbury, America's #1 inspirational fiction writer, wasn't expecting a Godwink. But her heartwarming story about her Dad, involving Rod Stewart's song, "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You," produces an amazing GODWINK.

Eric Fellman Believes in Godwinks!

NBC TODAY 3/2/15

Godwinks and a wedding were in the offing as Eric Fellman worked his summer job driving a contraption that spays weeds along railroad tracks . Simultaneously, two local doctors at an out-of-town medical convention ponder whether there's time to take in a final lecture on an obscure medical procedure. Eric becomes involved in a life threatening accident. But an amazing Godwink saves his life and he makes it to his wedding!

Toni & David's Historical Godwink

NBC TODAY 12/23/14

Kathie Lee & Hoda are in tears as SQuire Rushnell presents a Godwink-filled Christmas story. David Espinoza will die without a heart transplant. His wife Toni is conflicted. It doesn't seem right to pray for someone to die so David can live. So she asks God for a healing PLUS a sign; a White Christmas in their Texas border city. Watch to see if He answered.

Grandma's Godwink Ring


Nicole & Jess: Wedding Godwinks

NBC TODAY 9/19/14

Nicole would die without a liver transplant. But, as the Godwink Guy SQuire Rushnell tells  Kathie Lee and Hoda, Nicole finds her donor in a 125,000 seat NASCAR Stadium. Topping off their amazing story, on their wedding night, the couple check into a hospital.

Alice & Jack's Wedding Winks


NBC TODAY 6/12/14

As SQuire Rushnell, The Godwink Guy tells it, Alice had given up on men. Then, Jack entered her life. The Godwink story that unfolded had parallels to Cinderella. But this true-life story has multiple Godwinks, two weddings, and surprise guests who show up.


A Teacher's Christmas Gift Of Life

NBC TODAY 3/25/14

SQuire Rushnell's heartfelt Godwink story tells of a substitute teacher, Cindy Santos, who met kindergartener Katelynn only once. When she learned of the desperate search for a kidney donor for Katelynn, Cindy tested. Against long odds, she was a match! The Godwink gift was delivered two weeks before Christmas.

The Hand Holding Godwink

NBC TODAY 02/28/14 

Kathie Lee and Hoda gasp as SQuire Rushnell reveals the punchline to this Godwink story. Gordon and Norma were inseparable and married for 72 years. But it was the way in which they graduated to Heaven that astonishes everyone; Norma's heartbeat, beating through Gordon, who had already died, registered on his heart monitor.

Stasia's Gigantic Godwink

NBC TODAY 01/14/14

One of SQuire Rushnell's most astonishing Godwinks. Stasia, daughter of Emmett Kelly, world's most famous clown, is devastated to learn of her father's sudden death. Crying on the plane, she's comforted by a stranger who reveals that he was with her father the day she was born ... 25 years earlier. What are the odds?


Ted & Kathy's Christmas Godwink

NBC TODAY 12/23/13

It was an astonishing Godwink! TED HARRIS awoke to an empty house on Christmas Eve Morning, the first anniversary of his dear wife Kathy's departure to Heaven. But, Kathy's delivery of a PERSONAL MESSAGE ...through and amazing Godwink ... brought Ted peace and comfort. Grab a tissue.

Jane & Leo

NBC Today Show - 11.11.13 - NBC's test and debut of GODWINKS features an extraordinary story from author SQuire Rushnell's New York Times Bestseller, DIVINE ALIGNMENT. Perfect for Veteran's Day, this is the story of Jane Ellis the teenage cheerleader who faithfully wore the POW bracelet of Col Leo Thorsness, an Air Force pilot who was shot down, tortured, and imprisoned for six years. Then, through an amazing godwink, the two met 40 years later in a 40,000 seat stadium. The Godwink of the cheerleader who finally met her hero Col. Leo Thorsness, a Congressional Medal of Honor Winner, brought tears to the eyes of hosts KATHIE LEE and HODA.


Free Yankee tickets lead the Godwink Guy to witness a perfect game for pitcher David Wells and the revelation of an amazing Godwink in the team's past.


Mayor Rudolph Giuliani privately asked, "Why me?" when a medical emergency caused him to drop from a political race. Fourteen months later he found out why, on one of America’s most tragic days.


Would you be willing to tithe "unexpected income” … you know, if you win a lottery? Mary's whimsical commitment to do just that, ushers in a $50,000 Godwink.


The traveler lifts a ringing payphone at a gas station. Then, the most astonishing life-changing Godwinks begin to take place.


Two childhood pals named Barry were estranged for years until a series of extraordinary Godwinks reunites them. Then, you can't imagine the Godwinks they discover.


Little Tommy Harken, strapped in an iron lung, listening to kids playing outside, wondered if anyone was up there listening. A Godwink of hope provided a pathway for the rest of his life.


The classic genius of comedy encountered an extraordinary Godwink at the age of 12 that has guided him ever since. You'll never guess what was involved. He still has it.


A Godwink gives America's Funniest Videos creator Vin Di Bona the perfect opportunity to turn 136 "no's" into his first "yes."


The future Apple founder took a seemingly useless college class that turned out to be an incredible Godwink that changed every computer ever made.


The widow reached desperation. She pulled a bible from the shelf and stood on it. That’s when a string of astonishing Godwinks began to appear!


The closing of Louise's Broadway show, divinely aligned with SQuire's canceled business trip, makes way for a life-changing Godwink for love and marriage.


Rescued in the dark from a raging sea seemed like an impossible blessing for Gerry; after all, he’d mocked God all his adult life. But a great Godwink proves that God, even when scorned, provides us with second chances.


Dr. Lester Coleman became a believer in Godwinks the day he thought little Sammy had swallowed a penny, but learned that it was more.


With the sudden loss of her famous father, sad-faced clown Emmett Kelly, an amazing Godwink brought Stasia inexplicable feelings of peace.


The legendary founder of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse chain had her good fortunes rise from the ashes ... literally. But it was a Godwink that provided the restaurateur with the unique name for her business.


The auspicious purchase of a red hat in a second hand shop is the Godwink that launches a little club of Red Hatters, women who stand together to make a statement, into an organization of several million.


Chosen by director Stephen Spielberg for the ideal role—a rabbit impressionist in an animated series—Louise DuArt suddenly loses her voice, only to discover Godwinks were leading her to a better opportunity.


The Godwink of foggy weather helps Gery, the perfect Martha's Vineyard innkeeper, find perfect love ... and a romance that never ends.


Oprah Winfrey’s film debut in "The Color Purple" coincided with the launch of the most successful TV talk show in history thanks to several unbelievable Godwinks.


Godwinks at a NASCAR event bring Nicole and Jess together, then, provide a happy ending to their hospital honeymoon.


The photo of herself found on a bathroom door, in a strange place, 6000 miles from home, lifts Lisa's concerns about having a baby.


Actor Chuck McCann’s heart was stolen twice through a marvelous Godwink and a mutt named Moe.


A young soldier stands in the frigid morning air facing 14 rifles of a firing squad. How did he possibly escape, travel to America, and become a bestselling author? Only through Godwinks!


Devastated by the tragedy of miscarriage, Brittany receives a special Godwink and a huge boost of encouragement from a pair of red Mary Jane shoes.


This story explains why “Godwink Guy” SQuire Rushnell never knows who he’s waking up next to. His wife, impressionist Louise DuArt, could be Barbara Walters, Bart Simpson, Barbra Streisand or Judge Judy ... as Donna Summers discovered.


Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, two presidents 100 years apart, shared a long list of unbelievable Godwinks paralleling their lives.


For Jerry the last of five Kimberly’s in his life, was the best. And their chain of Godwinks led to matrimony.