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A true story from DOGWINKS … our newest GODWINKS book:
PAM SICA had suffered FIVE MISCARRIAGES. Each devastating. The last time the doctor said… “You’ll never have a baby.”
By Pam’s side, through each tragedy, was their wonderful golden retriever, BULLET.
“HE’S MY BABY”, Pam told anyone standing still.
Awhile later, Pam and her husband Troy were again gripped with HEARTACHE. The Vet told them that, without surgery, 13 year old BULLET would die. And…there was no guarantee that surgery … costing $5000 …would save him.
They talked about their decision with family and friends. Nearly everyone counseled AGAINST it, noting that at 13, Bullet had already exceeded the average age for RETRIEVERS.
With tears on her cheeks, Pam looked at Troy and repeated, “HE’S MY BABY”!
They decided to scrape together the money and DID the SURGERY.
Amazingly … Bullet SURVIVED!
Weeks later they were vacationing with friends. Pam was feeling tried and a little sick. Her friend GOADED her into taking a PREGNANCY TEST. Pam knew the outcome. "No way."
But, it turned out … she WAS pregnant! They all giggled and joked around the breakfast table, including Bullet … he danced, picking up on the excitement!
Moments later, everyone’s ATTENTION turned to the TV … a plane crashed into the WORLD TRADE CENTER.
PAM CRIED … what KIND of WORLD am I bringing my BABY INTO?
Pam’s pregnancy progressed ... her doctor warning her to be cautious. When the BABY was BORN there were issues, but after a short hospital stay, Pam and the baby were released.
Nobody was HAPPIER to see them arrive HOME than BULLET! He dashed around the house with a prize possession… a hospital BABY BLANKET brought home by TROY with the scent of the baby.
BULLET took up watchful SECRET SERVICE duty… sleeping under the baby's bassinet.
At 4 o’clock in the morning BULLET STARTED BARKING and running around. Pam awoke and lifted the baby. He was BLUE … NOT BREATHING!
They called 911… EMT’s arrived … and the infant was stabilized. Climbing into the ambulance a first responder turned and said to Pam, “Thank God for your dog… he SAVED your baby’s life. Minutes later would have been TOO LATE.”
Through a series of Godwinks, a metropolitan New York newspaper, NEWSDAY, heard about the story. The next day … for THE FIRST TIME SINCE 9/11… there was a JOYFUL … uplifting dog story on the FRONT PAGE.

An OLD DOG that was SAVED … SAVED a child… while lifting the hearts of an entire population LOOKING for HOPE.

Bullet’s wonderful story proves that DOGS are God’s Ambassadors… and with every true Godwink story you will experience the uplifting feeling of HOPE.

Find BULLET'S entire story in "DOGWINKS: True Godwink Stories of Dogs …" our newest Godwink book. Every book on this site is signed by SQuire & Louise. As well, the DOGWINKS Audiobook with SQuire reading the stories, can be ordered.

Good Wishes for Godwinks … and dogwinks!

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Nancy jones
Nancy jones
I heard you on the George Noory show on May 4, 2021 and I announced I have a few of his books! So happy to hear you on that show. So tonight I pulled your books that I have and re-read them! Just love your books! Thank you!!!!

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