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“My NEIGHBOR Dave mows my yard.
Before he arrived, I checked to see that there were no sticks or stones to get caught in his mower.
Looking over my poor shade garden, I lamented how it NEEDED more HOSTAS. They thrive in the shade. Then I shook my head knowing that, right now, plant prices are too high for my budget.
Oh well, I smiled, and left it at that.
Later I had to CHECK on a NEIGHBOR'S CATS. Driving away, I saw four plastic bags by the side of the road with “FREE” written on them. I pulled over to look.
Well, what do you know! A GODWINK! Inside were eight beautiful HOSTA PLANTS! Eight. Just enough for my shade garden!
Tell me again how our desires, if asked in humility, aren't prayers from our lips to God's ears?
One more Godwink: If I’d left the neighborhood the way I normally did, I wouldn’t have seen my neighbor’s bags with the hostas. For some reason ... I went the opposite way which was longer!”
Diane Baum

Diane is one of our best GODWINK SPOTTERS! She sees God’s winks every day, wherever she goes!
She teaches Louise and me to lift our consciousness to see God speaking to us in his supernatural language of hope.
Do we get more Godwinks when we help our neighbors? Maybe so. We’d love to hear your stories.
Many people tell us they love to gift Godwink books of hope to help them be neighborly. Especially now that there are free cards to accompany them.
Wishes for Winks of Neighborliness today.

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Susan Burton
Susan Burton
Love This Godwink!!! I look everyday!!! God is Soooo GOOD!❤️

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