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“A pilot over 40 years, I’m blessed to see many beautiful sights.
On this day, flying from the Southeast Coast to the West Coast at 43000 feet, over Texas, we were going around severe THUNDERSTORMS.
They weren’t a direct threat at our altitude, but the turbulence was BOUNCING us around.
I was doing my usual PRAYING for protection during our flight which I always do before, during, and afterwards to give thanks.
At this moment I was in prayer as I looked around from the Captain’s seat.
Do YOU SEE what I saw?
It was a CROSS and I felt it was a fantastic Godwink.
God’s presence goes with us wherever we go.”
Ken Ostrom
God tells us, “I will show wonders in heaven and signs in the earth beneath.”*
But we need to be looking for His communications… and remaining in prayer… as Ken was.
One of the favorite's in our collection of books is Godwink Stories: A Devotional. Fifty-two personal stories of people... short but powerfully inspiring. Each with a special devotional reflection from my dear wife Louise.
Wishes for Winks
*Acts 2:17

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Sylvia Garl
Sylvia Garl
Where can I order Godwink Stories; a Devotional

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