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The ACTOR who played Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the film “Selma”, David Oyelowo, says they often PRAYED on the set. As a result, they also experienced multiple GODWINKS during the shooting.

He tells of an outdoor scene in which he, as Dr. King, would give an important speech.

The production designer had placed a LECTERN on the set, but something tugged at him ... it DIDN’T SEEM RIGHT: “He felt that Dr. King should be doing that speech from a PULPIT,” David said.

A crew member volunteered to walk down the street to a nearby church and ask if the production could BORROW A PULPIT.

The PULPIT from the main sanctuary of the church was NOT AVAILABLE, said a church representative. However, just TWO DAYS EARLIER they had discovered ANOTHER OLD PULPIT in the basement. They were welcome to use that one for the movie.

I tell what happened next in our book The Godwink Effect  ... David Oyelowo exclaims: “We discovered THAT was the ACTUAL PULPIT at which Dr. King had stood, 50 years before, to deliver the ACTUAL SPEECH we were shooting that day!

“Wow!” said David, “It was like God was winking at us!”


David Oyelowo’s observations reaffirm this adage:

“When you pray, Godwinks happen. When you don’t, they don’t.”*

Moreover, as you acknowledge the source of all Godwinks, with a spirit of gratitude, the quicker you'll develop the eyes to see them all the time.

Wishes for winks.


*Paraphrasing Sir William Temple


Carol Ely
Carol Ely
It really lifts one spirits up when we know it is God who is in control!
Loretta Athanase
Loretta Athanase
All I can say is WOW

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