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The THREE PASTORS and members of their churches held a COMBINED Thursday Evening service to commemorate GOOD FRIDAY, the day Jesus died on the cross next to two other crosses.

Each Pastor would speak for three minutes representing the POINT of VIEW of the PERSON occupying one of the three CROSSES.

The FIRST pastor told how the first man, a criminal, mockingly said to Jesus, “If you are Christ, save yourself and us.”

The OTHER criminal, depicted by the SECOND pastor, DEFENDED Jesus saying “he has done nothing wrong,” while CONFESSING his own sin and belief in Christ.

The THIRD pastor spoke on behalf of Jesus. He ignored the mocking of the first criminal, while providing a promise to the other, saying, “You will be with me in PARADISE.”

The NEXT MORNING... Good Friday... the simple MESSAGE was still resonating with Louise and me as we prepared breakfast.

Then, as we often do, we saw how God had decided to JOIN our conversation... through a GODWINK.

Just as we were talking about the Three Crosses we saw from our kitchen window, THREE CROSSES reflected on the house next door.

It reminded us that the MESSAGE of GOOD FRIDAY is simply to ACKNOWLEDGE HIM.

When we accept … He invites us to Paradise.


Between now and next Easter... may you have glorious daily Godwinks!

SQuire (and Louise)


Mary Weber
Mary Weber
I saw 2 crosses from my window on my next door neighbors house. I am pondering their meaning . Mine were connected ..they appeared 7/22/22.
Marci Valente
Marci Valente
Thank you for sharing , that was very nice. A blessed Easter to all of you.💗🫶🙏🌾✝️

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