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One Sunday our preacher told a story about the time his church asked everyone to select someone to SECRETLY PRAY for.

“What a GREAT CONCEPT,” I thought … looking around the church.

My eyes fell upon a cute elderly couple that everyone was fond of: BELLE AND BRUCE REYNOLDS.

I decided to pray for them all week without their knowing about it.

The following Sunday morning I arrived at church slightly late. Slipping into the pew, I noted that the ushers were completing the passing-of-baskets which struck me as out of the ordinary at the start of the service. But shrugged off the thought.

Later, at coffee hour, one of those ushers came up to me carrying a BASKET. Inside were THREE LITTLE SCRAPS of folded paper.


I looked at him, puzzled.

“We decided to pick up on the pastor’s comment last week, putting names of the entire congregation into a basket, and everyone picked out SOMEONE TO SECRETLY PRAY FOR this week.”

I wondered if I should tell them that I’d already been praying all week for that lovely couple, Belle and Bruce.

But he patiently smiled, continuing to extend the basket.

I reached down and selected one of the three slips of paper.
My mouth must have dropped. Out of 600 church members, I selected: “BELLE AND BRUCE REYNOLDS.”
Aren’t these the times in life when YOU just glance heavenward and say, “Okay, Lord, the joke’s on me?”

But, let’s pick out someone and SECRETLY PRAY for them all week long. If you get a good Godwink story out of that, please share it with us.


As the kids return to their studies, let's think about adding biblical values to the mix... the Classic movies I created when I ran Children's Television at ABC... the Kingdom Chums. The total cost is equivalent to shipping only.

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Sarah Keith
Sarah Keith
I purchased the kingdom chums a few weeks back so my grandkids and I could watch them. They were a big hit, just like they had been for their mom and brothers when they were little. I’d love for you to make more like the David and Goliath movie theme. Those kids going into the computer, becoming cartoons, and then discovering a Bible story truth, fascinated my grands, (and me)! Blessings to you! Sarah Keith

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