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“One of my DAD’S passions was his farm and all his ANIMALS. He had a way with them.

When Dad died the funeral PROCESSION from the church to the cemetery had to PASS by our FARM.

As we drove along the country road everyone was astonished. There stood all the COWS looking at the road as we passed by as if they were LINED UP to HONOR him.

Then we saw our three horses … lined up the same way! None were eating … just facing the road and watching.

I have watched these cattle for 23 years and have never seen anything like it. They were paying their LAST RESPECTS to him.

I believe this was an act of God.”

Joanna Clemmer Nichols


At times of sorrow amazing Godwinks just seem to happen.

Sometimes, like Joanna, we just have to marvel at the ways in which God uses all of His creatures to bring comfort to those of us left behind.

Good Wishes for Godwinks.


A thought: a pair of colorful Godwink Mugs, with an inspirational Godwink message, might just look beautiful on your kitchen table.


Kristen Wakefield
Kristen Wakefield
Isn’t it wonderful to know that our thoughts of love are often shared by God’s creatures. First the cows, then the horses all knowing that someone they loved was being honored by family & friends. Joanna your very large family of humans and animals are blessed; and God winked His viable support for all of you to witness together. Thank you for sharing this special event.
Marci Valente
Marci Valente
Very touching story. So sorry for your loss Joanna, your father was an amazing farmer and his animals loved him in return. God bless you and your family. May your father rest in heavenly peace.🫶💗🙏🎄

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