SQuire Rushnell

We’re living in fearful times. With every headline another shoe drops. We wonder, what’s going to happen next?

Only weeks ago life was so different. Most of us were cruising at a frantic pace¾too much on our plate and too little time. Then, it was as if God pushed His “pause” button! Our very existence¾for each one of us on earth¾came to a screeching halt!

A pastor friend observed, “Only God could stop the world.” There’s truth in that.

So, what do we do now?

Even though we’re all in this together, our situations are so different. We may be divided by politics or religion, but we are unified in our concern for our health, family and finances. We are also worried about others: the older neighbor who has respiratory issues; the friend who has three kids and was thrown out of work, and the college kid who is trying to get back from a foreign land.  

What can we do? Where’s the hand rail we can grasp? How do we find peace of mind?

More than 15 years ago we discovered that the secret lies in a principle which was common in the 1950’s:

                    Families that Pray Together, Stay Together.

We’ve introduced the concept to hundreds of thousands of others and collected solid proof that Partnered Prayer works in amazing ways. A Gallup Study has affirmed that when married couples pray together consistently their fear of divorce plummets and arguments diminish, as romance escalates and respect soars.

How did we come up with such a notion? We didn’t. Jesus introduced the belief Himself, at various times in the ancient scriptures. For example:

                   "If two of you on earth agree in prayer about anything,

                     it will be given to you by my Father in heaven." MT 18:19

That’s a clear, direct promise.

God did give Louise and me the idea for THE PRAYER CHALLENGE which is a scaffolding to help you establish the habit of PARTNERED PRAYER. You are invited to partner up with a spouse, significant other, family member or friend, agreeing to pray together 5 minutes a day for 40 days.

Just pray together in person, over the phone, or text for about the time it takes to consume one cup of coffee.

Where can you learn more at no cost?

Find all the tools you need at The PRAY TOGETHER STAY TOGETHER website:

You’ll discover:

  • Video testimonies of others, like you, who have tried THE PRAYER CHALLENGE. Everyone’s astonished.
  • There are loads of tips and sample prayers to guide you.
  • There are other tools, including books brimming with testimonies. 

Jesus’ idea for Partnered Pray costs you nothing. You have nothing to lose. But, during these fearful and uncertain times you have everything to gain.

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