Paperback. Also available as an audiobook and hardcover.

There’s no word in the English language for “a coincidence that isn’t a coincidence.” So, what do you call it? A Godwink.

Godwinks are God’s way of showing you that He knows you, cares about you, and is sending you constant signs of hope. And the Godwink Effect is the series of ripples that result from a single Godwink affecting not only you, but rippling out to bless others as well.

From the New York Times bestselling author SQuire Rushnell and his wife Louise DuArt, creators of the popular Godwink series, comes this collection of stirring true stories that will build your faith.

In The Godwink Effect, SQuire and Louise make the case that Godwinks and prayer are inextricably intertwined. In fact, the first of seven secrets to unlock the flow of more Godwinks in your life, is to pray.

Typical of all Godwink books, this volume will be packed with amazing stories about ordinary people, leading you to conclude, “if those amazing events could happen to them, then they could happen to me, too!”