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Would you like to hear your children SINGING the Ten Commandments? 

Or to understand such biblical values as Courage, Honoring Parents, and Never Telling a Lie? 

Now, exclusively at this site, you get FREE SHIPPING in the USA on BOTH Kingdom Chums movies and SAVE! 

Individually the movies are fairly priced at $6.99 ... but when you purchase both films as a package, you only pay $9.99 for this pair of award-winning movies for children.

SQuire Rushnell’s Sunday School Rock presents these two FAITH-BUILDING MOVIES … proven popular with millions of 2 to 11-year-olds and parents!

Vol 1 – Sunday School Rock presents Kingdom Chums Little David’s Adventure, produced in live action and animation, transports three children to a fantasy place where they meet the Kingdom Chums animals and participate in the famous story of Little David. The lessons for children include dealing with fear and standing up to bullies. 
Songs are composed by Joe Raposo, of Sesame Street fame, and sung by Gospel Award winner Sandi Patty. 

Vol 2 - Sunday School Rock presents Kingdom Chums Original Top Ten, is an animated musical adventure in which three children revisit the fantasy land where the Kingdom Chums characters hold a contest. Each of the songs explains one of the Ten Commandments. Whoever correctly identifies the meaning of the song, wins that recording. 
Kids at home vicariously try to identify the songs resulting in children from many countries learning to sing the Ten Commandments … a.k.a “The Original Top Ten”. The songs and voices are by Debbie Boone, Frankie Valli, Tony Orlando, Marilyn McCoo, and Billy Preston.
This offer, of these two classic movies, can be purchased nowhere else in the world.



5.0 out of 5 stars - 
“Loved both movies, the Top 10 and Little David's Adventure! My mom taped them off of ABC when they played. So glad I’ve now found copies here.”

5.0 out of 5 stars
“This is one of the best videos to teach children the Ten Commandments…great for ages Pre-K to 5th grade and really shows the children what the Ten Commandments mean. It's very upbeat and the music is fantastic in helping the children remember.” 
R Wood

“Wow! Little David’s Adventures. What Memories This Brings Back! This video was a favorite of our 3 sons! We had it for years... until our boys met a playmate who didn't know the Lord. They asked if they could give it to him …and so we did… What a joy! Your kids will love it too!”

“I grew up watching ‘The Kingdom Chums Original Top Ten’. It truly was my favorite movie! Now, I have 3 and 1 year-old girls. It warms my heart to hear my oldest singing "following the love light" and "we want to thank you God". I still know every song by heart, so sing and dance with them.  I thought you’d love to know that your movies are still teaching children life's most valuable lessons.”

All net proceeds go to Pray Together Stay Together, Inc, supporting Partnered Prayer to build strong families. (

Customer Reviews

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Alec Johannesmeyer
Glad I found it

I watched this as a little kid on vhs. Never could find it on dvd when I got older. Now that I’ve found it, I learned that it was volume one of two. It was great and a lot like I remembered. Hope my nieces and nephews like it too.

We appreciate your kind comments, Alec. So glad you've been a Kingdom's Chum follower right from the beginning! We pray that your neices and nephews fall in love with the Kingdom Chums characters... Little David... Essie... Christopher... all of them, just as you did. And... that they love the music!

Good wishes for Godwinks of childhood!

Donna Davis
Still a favorite!

My children loved the Kingdom Chums when they were younger. Thankful to find a copy for my grandkids. My older children said it brought back memories and they could sing every word.

Great item and price.

Great item and price.


As an animation fan, really enjoyed these! Thanks & God Bless

Sherry Chilcote
Introducing my Great Grand Children to Kingdom Chums

I will let you know how my Great Grand Children love it. I ordered for them. I have to mail it to them. I have a feeling my 2 1/5 year old is going to love it. And her new Baby Sister, born last month, will grow up hearing them too.

Dear Sherry ...We always love to hear how children continue to love... and get... the Kingdom Chums messages!

Thanks for taking the time to write.