Who We Are

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SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt,
Husband and Wife, are Founders of Godwink Brands.

SQuire and Louise


SQuire is the New York Times Bestselling author who coined the term "Godwink" and has authored 13 Godwink Books—7 co-authored with Louise—in over 30 languages and millions sold.

SQuire & Louise are Executive Producers of the acclaimed Hallmark Godwink Movie Series, top-rated for 4 seasons, and their first Godwink Film for Netflix, "Rescued by Ruby," which premiered as the #1 family film worldwide, reaching over 100 million viewers in 365 days.

They are the founders of Pray Together Stay Together, a nonprofit, advocating partners praying together, 5 minutes a day for 40 days. As creators of Pray Stay Challenge, the pending TV series, their mission is to lower divorce rates in America while elevating marital bliss.

SQuire Rushnell...

  • Veteran ABC Television Executive
  • Led Good Morning America to #1
  • A father of ABC Schoolhouse Rock

Louise DuArt...

  • Top Comedic Impressionist
  • Co-Starred w/ Tim Conway & Harvey Korman
  • Broadway star; ABC Family host 8 seasons