What's a Godwink?

By SQuire Rushnell

God•wink [ɡod•wingk]
  1. A Sign of Hope that comes from divine origin.
  2. Another word for answered prayer.


A few years ago, a word came into my consciousness… Godwink. It was friendly, reminding me of “Godspeed” or “Godsend.”

But, was that the word my wife Louise and I were looking for? An answer to the question, “What do you call a coincidence that isn’t a coincidence?”

That question had kept coming up as I interviewed people
for a book about those amazing little things that happen toeveryone… like the phone ringing and it’s the very person you were just talking about. Things that make us say, “Wow… what are the odds of that”

Was “Godwink” that word? 

The dictionary defines a “coincidence” as “a remarkable concurrence of events without an apparent cause.” But the word we were seeking DOES have a cause… and that cause is divine.

So I decided to try out the word “Godwink” in my manuscript by replacing every reference to “coincidence”. We felt an instant fit.

Next, we discovered that the new word was moving quickly into the language, and the reason? It was filling a vacancy in English.

A short while longer and our readers were leading us to a second meaning for “Godwink”… other than a “sign of hope.” They were concluding that the English language has no term for “answered prayer”. So our readers began saying, “I just had a Godwink.”

The final confirmation that “Godwink” was indeed the word we were seeking was when a Rabbi revealed that in Hebrew, the word “coincidence” doesn’t even exist. “God is sovereign… so the term is useless,” he said.