Author SQuire Rushnell, master storyteller, pulls you into stories about people like you, who have struggled with UNCERTAIN TIMES in their lives, but were each saved by amazing Godwinks.

Cindy, a substitute teacher, was in charge of a kindergarten class just one day for the whole school year. But that was enough for Godwinks to make a difference in the life of sweet little Katelynn who was dealing with the uncertainty of life itself.

Gerry Ponson didn’t believe in anything, once kicking his sister out of the house for talking about a benevolent “someone up there.” But when Gerry’s boat sunk, leaving him with no options in a stormy sea with an older friend who was relying on him for help, Gerry cried out to God, asking for a “second chance.” That’s when Godwinks went to work.

Ken Gaub was exhausted from all the stress of travel. He was uncertain about what to do. Or, whether God even knew where he was. Just then, an unbelievable Godwink, out of the blue, confirmed that yes… God knew exactly where he was and even gave someone the phone number to reach him.

Eric’s life chances were so uncertain that doctors were certain he would die. But who could have imagined that a doctor attending a medical conference a hundred miles away would receive a nudge to make a choice that would save Eric’s life?

SQuire counsels that each of these stories stands as evidence that Godwinks are flowing into your life as well… you just need the tools to be able to see them.