Author SQuire Rushnell, master storyteller, pulls you into stories about amazing Godwinks that supernaturally arrived at just the right moment to alter the career directions of various people. And if Godwinks happened for them, why not you?

Trooper Dan O’Neil, facing his last chance to make the state police canine corps and without a dog to partner with, happened to connect with Ruby, a shelter pup, two hours before she was put down. Their inspirational true story was captured in the hit Netflix movie “Rescued By Ruby.”

America’s Funniest Videos TV producer Vin DiBona had been turned down 136 times on a program option that was about to run out. His last phone call to a network executive was a Godwink at the perfect time to set his career onto a whole new path.

Comedic impressionist Louise DuArt was thrilled to record a test tape for movie producer Stephen Spielberg… the part was perfect for her, an animated rabbit that did impressions of famous people. When she lost her voice for weeks she thought all was lost. However, a Godwink proved that there was a bigger plan in her destiny … she got a starring role on Broadway instead.

Oprah Winfrey was at a critical moment in her career, left wondering if making her move to Chicago was a gamble too risky. But, an astonishing Godwink turned uncertainty into a starring role in a movie called “The Color Purple.”

SQuire reaffirms that the Godwinks in your own life are supernatural guideposts to help you out along the way.