Read by authors SQuire Rushnell & Louise Duart

SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt have practiced daily prayer together for sixteen years. Now they offer listeners step-by-step advice on why and how to pray with another person. The 40 Day Prayer Challenge answers the question they hear daily: how do you pray with someone else?

The authors also explain how Partnered Prayer - which sounds like a new idea, but comes from ancient biblical promises - restores relationships and revitalizes families.

Supported by the testimony of dozens of praying partners who themselves became empowered by taking the challenge, the authors explain how a couple, a mother and son, or two close friends can pray together for five minutes a day for 40 days and experience phenomenal outcomes.

SQuire and Louise show how churches, small groups, and individual partners can participate in a groundbreaking national initiative called historic - a first-ever empirical study by Baylor University - while personally measuring their own Partnered Prayer progress.