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The best is yet to be . . .

GodWinks are the so-called "coincidences" that are delivered directly to you, out of nearly seven-billion people on the planet, at particularly needed moments in your life. Like the wink you received from a loved one as a child that meant, Hey, kid, I'm thinking of you right now, . . . GodWinks are person-to-person messages of encouragement from above.

With more incredible-but-true stories about how God communicates with us through everyday circumstances, SQuire Rushnell delivers another powerful book geared toward those of you who are at a crossroads in life—a time when these winks are most needed!

This Godwinks book is an inspirational guidebook for all graduates to new thresholds in life.

"As with every God Winks book I have read, I walk away refreshed and encouraged that God is a God that loves me and sprinkles winks along the way to show just how much! In this new book by Mr. Rushnell, I have found hope and encouragement that God is not only a God of second changes but third and fourth and...Reading this book you realize just how certain things you might have considered coincidence are really God redirecting your steps, pointing out the path, leading you back from wrong turns. A must read if you weathered any storm in your life. If you doubt that there is purpose or a plan! Be ready to write down all the WINKS in your life and see that there is hope and encouragement and we are not meant to go it alone!" Leslie - 5 Stars
"After seeing this author interviewed on TV I was anxious to read the book and I was not disappointed. I found it very easy to read or to put down and come back to later.' Puddintain - 5 Stars
'Makes you rethink what has happened in your life, and now the "coincidences" are just mind blowing. I brought this book to work and it is read through out the shop." Anonymous - 5 Stars