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MARK TWAIN had SEARCHED high and low trying to find a copy of the old magazine containing AN ARTICLE he’d written years earlier, that he now NEEDED.

He wrote to the publisher, asking for a duplicate.

“Sorry,” they replied, “The demand was so enormous for the issue containing your article, that we are UNABLE TO LOCATE A SINGLE COPY.”

A few weeks later, Twain was in New York City, waiting for a traffic light at the corner of 5th Avenue and 42nd Street, when a STRANGER in the crowd suddenly RECOGNIZED him.

“Mr. Twain!” said the man, “I was just on my way to the post office to mail you THIS PACKAGE. Last night I was cleaning out some old files and found something I thought you might like. Here...you SAVED me some POSTAGE.”

Puzzled, Twain watched the man disappear into the crowd.

He opened the envelope and stood on the busy street for several seconds, GAZING at the contents.

Through this remarkable Godwink and astonishing Divine Alignment, INSIDE was THE VERY MAGAZINE he had been SEARCHING FOR!


You see, everyone experiences DIVINE ALIGNMENT ... the mysterious connections in life that cause YOU to end up in exactly the RIGHT PLACE at precisely the RIGHT MOMENT for God’s plan to unfold for you.

When you do what I call an “archeological dig” into your own memory ... I bet you can come up with a divine alignment experience every bit as amazing as Mark Twain’s!

Care to share it?

Wishes for winks.

Btw, Mark Twain’s Godwink story was published in When God Winks, my original book. Available, as well, as an audiobook.

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Amy Habib
Amy Habib
Back around 2007 or so I had a strong urge to subscribe to the Jewish Post, Christian edition. One night, as I closed my latest copy, I suddenly “knew” that I had to take it with me to church the next day and give it away. At first, I tried to shrug off the urge, because I had no idea whom I would give it to, but I knew I just had to take it-it was a command that came from outside myself-I even questioned why I would do that, but something urged me on, The next morning, I left the magazine in the car while we went into the church service. Later, the pastor announced that there was a guest speaker that morning. When the gentleman got up to speak, he immediately mentioned that he just returned from a visit to Israel. I got so excited! I felt immediately that he was the person who I should give the magazine. I could hardly wait for church to end. I ran to my car at the close of service, grabbed the magazine and rushed back into the building. By that time, there were a few people standing in line to speak with the guest. As I stood in line, my excitement started to fade. What was I doing? Why in the world would he be interested in this magazine? The longer I stood there, the more my confidence began to fade. I felt ridiculous. I slowly moved up, as the line shortened, and soon I was next. As I could sense the conversation winding down, my pulse quickened and my embarrassment heightened. What was I going to say? Was he going to think I’m a weirdo, offering him this magazine? I was honestly starting to change my mind and run when he turned to face me. He stuck out his hand and said hello. I looked up, and blurted out. Have you ever heard of the Christian edition of the Jewish Post? He said he had, and I replied, “Well, I have a copy I’d like to give you.” I handed it to him, and with my embarrassment overwhelming me, I turned to leave. I’d taken a few steps when I heard him call out for me to wait. He said, “I was at the gym working out last night and a guy came up to me and asked me if I had ever read the Christian edition of the Jewish Post. I told him no, and he said, ‘You need to get a copy.’” We both laughed, but I continued walking away. It took me awhile to brush off the awkwardness I was feeling, but I was so relieved that I’d completed my task. Only later did it hit me that I was on an assignment.

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