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Life wasn’t the same for former South Bend Police Officer Gene Eyster. There was an EMPTINESS.

For almost 50 years he got up every morning with a mission to go out and HELP PEOPLE. But now he was still trying to get USED to RETIREMENT.

And not long ago his 36-year old SON Nick DIED suddenly. That had been devastating.

When the phone rang it was one of his old buddies on the force, Officer Josh Morgan. He asked Gene to STOP BY the station that morning. Gene took that as a pleasant change from his retirement routine.

On his way, he drove through a neighborhood he used to patrol. Passing a group of apartment buildings his memory flashed back to a day, three days before Christmas, 24 years earlier, when he got a call to that building.

Some kids had found a BABY in a cardboard BOX.

When Gene arrived he got the infant safely to the hospital and came back later with a teddy bear. As he filled out the police report it didn’t seem right to name the child “Baby Doe” that close to Christmas… so around the station they called him “BABY JESUS”.

Gene remembered his feelings of gratification upon learning the baby had been placed into adoption.

As he walked into the Police Station he was greeted by Officer Josh who said, “Gene… you remember Baby Jesus?”

Gene blinked…and nodded.

“I want you to MEET HIM. My new rookie,” said Officer Josh with a smile.

Soon Gene was shaking hands with a handsome young man named Matthew Hegedus-Stewart, as Josh continued the introduction.

“Matt’s just on the job… and he tells me he was found in a cardboard box as an infant. I knew you two needed to meet.”

Gene and Matt soon found themselves in a swirl of television cameras as the Godwink story swept across the nation.

Gene had always wondered what happened to the baby in the box… and now he knows.

But what a lot of people couldn’t have known is that his new friendship with Matthew fills a VOID in his HEART… for his own son… that he’d had a hard time dealing with.

A Christmas Godwink in the Spring. How nice was that!

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Debbie Abraham
Debbie Abraham
God never leaves us and he knows just what we need and when to give it to us🙏🏽
Devonlee Shipman Haugebak
Devonlee Shipman Haugebak
What an awesome Godwink! Thanks Scot sharing this story about the Baby in a Cardboard Box!

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