Louise DuArt-Rushnell

Does God Listen to The Prayers of Little Kids?

When I was growing up in Quincy, Massachusetts I never missed an episode of The Carol Burnett show. I wanted to grow up to be just like her. When my friends were out playing outside, I was in my bedroom performing make-believe comedy routines with Carol and her co-stars, Tim Conway and Harvey Korman.

I prayed fervently, petitioning God to allow me to just meet my heroes one day. That was a tall order coming from a kid three thousand miles away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Fast forward.

At the age of twenty I took a leap of faith and moved to L.A. following my dream to be a comedienne like Carol.

I got myself an agent and landed a spot on a new sketch comedy TV show called "Off The Wall"!

It was fun to dress up and play wacky characters and I was especially thrilled when the writers handed me a sketch that spoofed the Carol Burnett show.

I of course had studied her every gesture of Carol over the years and couldn’t wait to go before the cameras.

Wardrobe and Makeup dressed me up to look just like her even donning me in a Bob Mackie dress and a red wig.

I was in my glory! If only for a day, I was that little girl again, pretending to be my heroine!

When I arrived home the phone was ringing. What I heard on the other end left me speechless.

“Hi Louise, this is Carol Burnett ... (I gasped) ... Listen, I saw the sketch you did of me the other night and I thought it was a hoot. I would love to meet you. Why don’t you come visit me next week and we’ll chat.”

I was floored! I pinched myself! The prayer of a little girl, from a decade before, was about to be answered!

The minute I met Carol, it felt like I’d known her my whole life. I had spent childhood emulating her and now I was actually in her presence!

Carol Burnett was everything I expected: gracious, loving and encouraging. It was truly one of the most memorable days of my life!

Leaving the studio I was simply astonished at how God had divinely aligned this—pulling off the impossible. I sure was grateful for it.

I looked up to Heaven and said, “Thank you, thank you ... and oh, God ... if I could just meet Tim & Harvey sometime ... ”.

You might be laughing. But I was serious. And God took me serious.

Awhile later the phone rang again. This time it was Tim Conway asking if I’d like to do a touring show with him and Harvey called “Together Again.” It had nothing to do with the Godwink with Carol—but Tim had somehow come across one of my audition reels.

Wow, God, you’re amazing!

Subsequent to that phone call, I toured with heroes Tim and Harvey for fifteen years. And prior to every performance I thanked God for His gracious favor, divinely aligning a little girl with a long ago prayer and a dream.

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