The child every day of preschool for three months...


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“Filled with anxiety, the little boy CRIED every day of preschool for 3 months! None of my 'teacher tricks' worked.
One day, at the brink of losing it, I marched him into the hall.
Kneeling down, I was about to firmly say, ‘That's enough!’
Instead ... God had different words. ‘You forgot who you are!’ I asserted.
The crying stopped. The little boy, stared at me.
I thought, ‘WHO said that?!’
‘Well,’ I grasped, ‘Who lives inside of you?’
‘Jesus,’ he said quietly.
‘Yes. You have a REAL SUPER HERO inside you.’
His eyes grew big, and a smile began to form.
‘So, you never need to be afraid,’ I said, looking into his eyes.
The Godwink break-through fully registered the next day. The little boy came to school with a guitar. His Mom, with tears glistening said, ‘He woke up excited, saying he wanted to play guitar with you at Music Time!’
I started wiping MY tears!”
Sandy Moons
Sandy says that was the day she learned something about “God-confidence” … when you acknowledge who lives inside of you and that He’s always there to help you.
Of course … when He does… it’s usually a Godwink.
Wishes for Winks
PS: Sandy Moon’s book can be found on Amazon, “Harry Finds His Super Power”

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Shelia Stephens
Shelia Stephens
What a beautiful story! of the heart of a child, and how God touches them through pain, and joy with “God Winks!” 👍🏻💪🏻🙏🏻✝️🙌🏻

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