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Danica McKellar talks about a GODWINK relating to the filming of “Christmas at the Drive In” for Great American Family.  She tells her story on the Jesus Calling podcast:
“I was feeling stressed in early September. Due to scheduling issues, I wasn't sure if I was going to get to do the movie, ‘Christmas at the Drive-In’.
I was really excited about the movie and had done a ton of work on the script. I asked, ‘Jesus, please, is everything going to be okay?’
For guidance and I randomly opened up Jesus Calling where I usually come across a message that's exactly what I need to hear.
This time, it was THE DATE! The book opened up to September 26th … the SHOOTING DATE when I was supposed to START!
I said, ‘Oh my goodness, Jesus, thank you so much’.
With tears streaming down my face I knew it was all GOING TO WORK OUT. And it DID!
These are the little things that people call Godwinks. Not coincidence, but communication from Him in the most beautiful way … the most precious relationship ever. And I am so grateful for it.”
Thank you Danica for sharing your Godwink Story.
Every Godwink we tell to someone else is TESTIMONY of God’s love and presence in our lives. At the same time … are we LIFTING the hopes and building the FAITH of each listener.
May your new year be bursting with Godwinks. Each one, as Danica says, “is a communication from Him in the most beautiful way.”


Enjoy Danica McKellar’s appearance on Jesus Calling Today.

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Sharon White
Sharon White
Loved your story!!. I, too, believe in God-Winks…..I need to pray and figure out which God-Wink book has a message of ‘restoring’ a new friendship with a family member. Any suggestions…..sw

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