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“It was a few days before Christmas and I was still HEARTBROKEN that my dog Scooter had passed away. I couldn't move past it.
I prayed asking God to SEND me a dog who NEEDED ME.
The next morning I got up feeling the weight was lifted. Five minutes later Mom texted me the picture of a scruffy little dog under these words: ‘Look who showed up at my house.’
He’d wandered around her area for days, was underweight, dirty and no one claimed him. But after some vet care and grooming he was happy pup.
I asked my 12 year old what we should name him. He said, why don’t you look up a NAME that means BLESSING. So, we called him Boone.
Boone has lived up to his name … this Christmas he’s been with us for 7 years and I even wrote a children's book based on his true rescue story.”
April Renner Curtsinger
April’s sweet story reminds me of something we wrote in our book Godwinks Effect. “God’s blessings usually have more than one purpose. An initial Godwink frequently results in cascading winks that can lift you and many others.”
I can only imagine that, every Christmas, April and Boone have arrived at that same uplifting conclusion.
Good wishes for Godwink blessings.


Jan Madden
Jan Madden
Cascading effects…I see the GodWinks as beautiful water pouring over a cliff as a waterfall of blessing!
Christopher Boles
Christopher Boles
My wife and I had toyed with the idea of a dog, but we always said no. It was either to many financial issues or what do you do with a dog when you want to go on a trip. We had looked at a puppy, then decided we didn’t want to go through the phases of raising a puppy. One day, my wife said to look at this free dog that needed a new home on Craigslist. It was a Catahoula Leopard dog with the prettiest blue eyes. We made contact and drove over to see if the dog would be a fit. The dog came out to greet my wife and ran up and gave her a kiss on the face and practically hugged her. We have had Bailey for several months now, and it was a God wink that she has come into our lives as she is a real blessing. God knows what you need, even when you don’t think so.

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