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“I always enjoyed reading these stories but thought …‘I've never had a Godwink.’

Well, God really DOES wink!

I had my yearly MAMMOGRAM and got a call to come back in to have more scans.

I was getting a little SCARED thinking what could possibly be wrong?

I started PRAYING about it and asking God to NOT let it be anything SERIOUS!

That night I had a DREAM there was a lump in the upper part of my breast and my friend, a nurse, told me, ‘Oh, it’s NOTHING … just a cyst.’

Well… when I went in for the mammography the DOCTOR said ...

‘Oh, there's NOTHING to worry about, it’s just a CYST!’

God winked and I am very thankful!”

Bernice Ritter


We have no idea HOW PRAYER WORKS… it just DOES!

If you’re in a situation like Bernice’s ... WORRIED about a medical issue, finances, or some other uncertainty ... do what she did. SHE PRAYED. God answered.

If you feel as though you'd like to join a private group on Facebook where you could ask for prayer 24/7... and to pray for others who have concerns... please consider joining The Godwinkers... a Private Group administered by my dear wife Louise.

Click here to take a look.


Meanwhile, we both send you wishes for Godwinks of Joy.


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Brenda Deloach
Brenda Deloach
I have purchased one of your books (reading now)! Love it!

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