SQuire Rushnell

It's Dogwink Wednesday!
Driving to her first year of college, Liz Pennycook worried about leaving her childhood dog behind, now 14.
Liz thought about the time, as a six-year old, her eyes met those of the ginger-colored puppy. It was love at first sight. She NAMED her GINGER.
The Golden Retriever/Irish Setter had a sweet disposition. For hours she’d patiently allow Liz to dress her up in girly outfits and floppy hats.
Moments like that prompted Liz to take up photography as a teenager. One autumn day Liz noticed how the leaves on the lawn matched the color of Ginger’s soft coat. She positioned her pup and snapped a photo. 
Later, a calendar company advertised it was looking for dog models. Liz knew it was a long shot, but, dropped Ginger’s photo in the mail, never expecting to hear back. She didn’t.
Now, fast-forward to Liz, settled into college, receiving an urgent call. The vet told her Ginger’s health was rapidly failing… with little hope for survival.
Liz drove all night to get back home. Sitting on the living room floor, with tears streaming down her cheeks, she wrapped Ginger in a blanket and cuddled her furry friend as she took her last breath.
In her grief, Liz didn’t even hear the doorbell ringing.   
Her mom came into the room with a package. What’s this, wondered Liz. Some kind of book? There was a yellow tab on one of the pages.
Liz opened it … astonished to see her beautiful picture of Ginger, exactly how she wanted to remember her …
surrounded by golden leaves, under the designation, “Mutt of the Month.” She was Miss November.
What a touching GIFT from above. The delivery of that calendar … at THAT very moment …was a divinely
aligned Godwink of comfort.
Liz and Ginger’s full story is one of 20 in the new book "DOGWINKS: True Godwink Stories About Dogs" releasing May 4th. You can pre-order now.

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Wishes for Winks,  SQuire

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