DOGWINK SPOTTY – Louise’s Best Friend

DOGWINK SPOTTY – Louise’s Best Friend

SQuire Rushnell


Louise was one of those kids who was painfully shy.  She felt more comfortable with animals than people.

Every Christmas she’d write her WISH LIST and at the very top were three big letters D-O-G. 

She knew it was a long shot … since her mother had a fear of dogs. Sadly, Louise's GRANDFATHER had died from a RABID dog BITE. 

One day her mother was having a very STRESSFUL TIME with a MIGRAINE headache. Without thinking, Louise once again asked her mom if she could have a dog.

Her mom snapped, “the ONLY way you’re going to get a dog … is if someone leaves it to you in their WILL.”

Louise felt wounded. She went to her room and PRAYED ... never comprehending the power of a little girl's prayer.

Now, most of us know from experience that from every bad thing that happens, God usually births SOMETHING that’s good. Sometimes … a Godwink … one of those little coincidences that isn’t coincidence, but comes from divine origin.

Here’s what happened to Louise the day after her prayer. Their neighbor Bill had an elderly mother who needed a dog sitter. Knowing how much Louise loved dogs, Bill HIRED HER for the job.

When Louise laid eyes on SPOTTY, it was love at first sight. That little border collie helped EASE Louise’s HEARTACHE of not having her own dog.

Months later, Bill knocked on their door and said he had some SAD NEWS. His mother passed away but she left something for Louise in her will.

Louise and her Mom stood in the doorway, wondering what it could be, as Bill walked to his car.

He opened the car door and OUT JUMPED SPOTTY, wagging her tail!

Louise’s eyes filled with happy tears! Ever so gently she looked up at her mom … ASKING if she could KEEP SPOTTY.

Her mother was quiet … for what seemed like an eternity.

Reluctantly, she answered, “Well … I guess I don’t have a choice … if the DOG was left to you in a will!”  

What a wonderful Godwink/Dogwink!

For the next 14 years Louise and Spotty were INSEPARABLE …  and EVEN MAMA got to LOVE SPOTTY almost as much as Louise.

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