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“I was BROKE and felt DESPERATE on three separate occasions while doing my very best to survive and take care of my child as a SINGLE PARENT.
Each time I trusted enough to actually ASK God to, ‘Please HELP ME’.
In each case, out of nowhere, a STRANGER walked up, and handed me a $50.00 dollar bill.
EACH one SAID the exact same thing: ‘GOD TOLD ME TO DO THIS’.
They shook my hand and walked away. I NEVER SAW one of the three individuals AGAIN.”
Jenny Perkins
Jenny is a perfect example of HOW PRAYER WORKS, often through the kindness of strangers.

Isn’t it reasonable to believe that God nudges people to divinely align them to become ANGELS AMONG US ... to help Him answer prayers … delivering GODWINKS just when we need them?

The Ancient Scriptures tell us to: "show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing, some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it." (Heb 13;2)

If you like being in the company of angelic people ... consider joining the Godwinkers Group led by my dear wife Louise. Now THERE's a small army of angels on earth... praying for each other ... all the time! 
May you find Godwinks and Angels along all your paths, today!




yesterday, while waiting in line at the grocery store I moved over to another line that seemed to be moving faster, but, the guy ahead had a loaded cart I couldn’t see, but I was content to just stay behind him. When his total was reached the clerk asked if he had an MVP Card to which he said no, and I offered the clerk MY Card.. which he swiped and the guy got $20 dollars off! My card had saved him $20 dollars!! He turned to me and thanked me and when the clerk said that swipe had saved him $20 dollars, he thanked me again and the smile on his face was bright and genuine! I have NO idea who he is but I’m glad he was able to ease the pain of the 140 dollar bill by 20. Every little bit helps.
Thanks,Thanks,Thanks…Keep em’ coming.God uses YOU to make my day!
Carol  Fredenburg
Carol Fredenburg
Really enjoy reading the God winks.

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