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LEGLESS VET Todd Love is alive, he says, by his own WILLPOWER and the HEROISM of OTHERS.
He may have lost half of his body due to an IED in Afghanistan … but today he turns his disability into an advantage by sharing his story to help other vets.

Todd was en route to a veterans fundraiser in Portland when the PILOT of the flight approached him… asking if he was in Afghanistan in 2010.

Todd nodded.

“I thought you looked familiar … I never knew if you survived”, he said. “I’m Marc Vincequere … the HELICOPTER PILOT who FLEW YOU OUT of that intense firefight!”


What thoughts must have cascaded through Todd and Marc's minds as God reconnected the dots between them ... two men whose lives were once indelibly intertwined on a battlefield... and now, with satisfaction and closure, in an airport?

When we are DIVINELY ALIGNED to be at the right place at the right time, Godwinks happen to each of us! Usually, the outcome is comfort.
Wishes for wondrous winks.


More on the thesis of Godwinks & Divine Alignment. 

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Peter Slingerland
Peter Slingerland
God is always there is we reach out Him.

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