SQuire Rushnell

Visiting Texas recently I was told that it was “Monarch Butterfly Time”. Being conscious of that, I then saw them everywhere. It reminded me of this story from Kathleen:

“While sitting out on our back deck, a beautiful BUTTERFLY flew by.

I was MISSING my FATHER who had recently passed away.

I PRAYED, asking God to give me a connection to my dad by allowing a beautiful butterfly to land close to me.

Moments later a butterfly came and landed right ABOVE MY HEART! It literally took my breath away!

I knew it was the SIGN I’d asked for, and a GODWINK for sure!”

Kathleen Walsh Black


Isn’t it reasonable for God to communicate to us through his creatures?

This simple answered prayer—a Godwink—was a way for Him to assure Kathleen that He is always LISTENING to her, hearing every desire. He does that for each of us.

Good wishes for Godwinks.

Got a graduate? Perhaps one of these Godwink titles would be just the inspirational book they need for a summer read.

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