SQuire Rushnell

RUBY was a pup at the SPCA. Australian Shepard and Border Collie… smart … but HIGH ENERGY.

PAT INMAN was the lady TRAINER who worked with dogs …getting them ready for adoption. But Ruby was RETURNED FIVE TIMES …called unmanageable… recommended for euthanasia …in hours.

PAT INMAN says: “You Can’t put Ruby down … have you offered her to the State Police K9 unit?”.

“They never take our dogs,” said the manager. They buy $15,000 dogs BRED for search and rescue.

Pat left in tears … unable to look back… to even think about poor Ruby.

Here was the first GODWINK. The manager DID call … just as the State Police Commander found out his budget was slashed. He’d hired a new trooper… but now…had NO DOG to partner him with.

So, the Commander takes a CHANCE …on Ruby.

It takes TROOPER DAN O’NEIL months of training… but RUBY finally comes up to par with the other canines.

BUT, wait, there's a HUGE GODWINK: Fast forward a few years…A BOY is LOST in the woods for 48 hours. Freezing nights.

The Canine Unit is called … Ruby takes off. Trooper Dan finds her at the bottom of a ravine licking the bloodied face of a boy.

There’s a faint pulse. Dan radios others. The boy is taken to a hospital.

Trooper Dan shares the good news with the parents, then starts to leave. The mother asks …”Officer have you heard of a dog named RUBY?”

Dan turns, surprised. “Ruby’s my partner.”

She cries: “My name is PAT INMAN… I advocated for Ruby to live.”

Trooper Dan says… “ma’am… that means … the dog YOU SAVED … just SAVED YOUR SON.”

Wow! That's a GODWINK/ Dogwink! 

Ruby’s true and inspiring story journey with Trooper Dan O’Neill of the RI State Police is featured in our bestselling new book “DOGWINKS: True Stories of Dogs…”... also audiobook ... and in production as a Netflix Movie.

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