SQuire Rushnell

Sweet little RILEY, whose last name is Faith, has been a CHILD WARRIOR against stage 4 cancer.

For months, listless and suffering pain, she was UNABLE to SLEEP ALONE. Her Mother had to sleep with her.

But this month, as Riley’s 5th birthday arrived thousands of prayers were answered ... she received a PROMISING MEDICAL REPORT and a wonderful COMPANION … a Goldendoodle named BUTTON.

Now Riley runs and plays with her puppy and wouldn’t think of letting Button sleep alone! They give each other COMFORT THROUGH THE NIGHT. Mom gets a good nights sleep too!

Let us continue to PRAY for RILEY FAITH to be cancer-free, full of life, and love.

Her Dogwink blessing is Button. In fact, Riley can’t stop saying, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”


This is Dogwink Wednesday … we’d love to hear your Godwink stories and pictures about you and your favorite pup! FYI … we’re now collecting stories at this link for the next Dogwink book.

The first book, Dogwinks – True Godwink Stories of Dogs, just released, is now officially a bestseller. More info here … as well as Amazon, B&N, and wherever books are sold.

Wishes, wags and winks SQuire

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