SQuire Rushnell
“A wonderful HOSPICE nurse helped me to care for my husband Rob, answering my questions and even going to bat for me when his doctor wanted to put him in a hospital contrary to Rob’s wishes to die at home.
When I reached out to thank her she no longer worked with hospice and there was no response from a Facebook message.
I PRAYED I could somehow thank her.
Today a mail carrier came into my pet store and we began to talk. She casually mentioned that her MOM is a Hospice worker.
Could it be? Yes! Her mom is the very HOSPICE NURSE who helped Rob!
I began to cry and explained!
‘I guess God sent me to you,’ she said, promising to let her mom know my gratitude!”
Diane Baum
Isn’t that just like God … divinely aligning Diane with someone … to answer a prayer?

That reminds me of a letter I once received from a doctor who was devastated... as was Diane... when he lost his spouse. Then, he experienced a Godwink, involving soaring eagles, that lifted his spirits.

That story ended up becoming one of 52  in a book that seems to provide pathways of comfort at times of terrible sorrow. It's called Godwink Stories: A Devotional.
May you have boundless Godwinks of comfort!

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