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“One FATHER’S DAY weekend I was scheduled to bring communion to the Catholic residents of a nursing home in our parish.
I’d previously met a resident named PETER, a retired New York City cop who told me he’d outlived his wife and daughter; that was all I really remembered. 
Prior to Father’s Day I stopped at a pharmacy to pick up a CARD for my husband. While there, I had an overwhelming URGE to buy a card for Peter as well.
I filled out the card for my husband and then proceeded to WRITE in Peter’s card.
I had another OVERWHELMING URGE … this time, to sign it ‘from your DAUGHTER in HEAVEN.’ I don’t know where that came from, but I acted on it.
On Father’s Day morning I handed Peter his card. His eyes immediately filled with TEARS; I worried I’d made a terrible mistake.
He then told me that his DAUGHTER had passed away ON FATHER’S DAY two years before.
Ever since then, I have felt that God chose me to participate in that astonishing GODWINK moment.
Now I visit Peter once a week or so. He tells me he loves me each time.”
Jane Lakatos


As we honor the Fathers in our lives this week… let's be ready to respond to any Holy Spirit NUDGES. As with Jane, you might be a “GODWINK LINK” … the deliverer of a Godwink to someone else.
We are grateful that our friends Nick and Lori De Rose tipped us off to this story.  They met Jane while walking the 484-mile, month-long pilgrimage of Camino Frances, from France to Spain.
Spot a Godwink today!


Helen French
Helen French
I love this beautiful story,and, all God Winks. Thank you.
Marci Valente
Marci Valente
Lovely story. Happy Father’s Day to you SQuire. God bless with many more to come.💞🙏✝️

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