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“My sister and I were worried. We got a FLAT tire on a LONELY ROAD.
We pulled off to the side … tried to get the tire off … but couldn’t budge the lug nuts! They were on too tight. We PRAYED.
Then we noticed a truck parked a good distance up the road and a MAN WALKING towards us.
He was kind and we were so THANKFUL. He got the tire off and the SPARE tire ON, then we reached into our purses to give him some money … thanking him over and over again.
He said NO… he was merely performing a GENTLEMEN’S OBLIGATION.
We smiled and thanked him again, and he walked off toward his truck. We put our money away … taking no more than a few seconds… turning back to look at him one more time, to marvel at our good fortune.
But… there was no one there. No truck. Nothing.
My sister and I looked at each other, both gasping, ‘An Angel’!
You see, there was no way he could have walked the distance to his truck … about one and a half FOOTBALL FIELDS ... in the less than 10 seconds that we'd looked away. He had to be an Angel!
We were so thankful … praising God all the way home!”
Lori Harris
When an ANGELIC ENCOUNTER occurs in your life… it’s always a Godwink … a messenger who has been sent to you by God Himself!
How amazingly special is that?
Wishes for heavenly Godwinks galore!


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Jim Lewis
Jim Lewis
A great story! Yes, angels are those ministering spirits to the heirs of Salvation. JL
ANN Froman
ANN Froman
You are true Angels & You Squire & Louise are Angels 🙏🥰💕🥰Love Ann Froman the WizArt of Art

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