SQuire Rushnell

"My husband passed away … but I still find connections to him… through PENNIES.

I once had asked him, ‘why do you pick up pennies?’ He flippantly replied, ‘if I pick up a hundred … I’ll have a dollar.’ His humor.

Right after the funeral, everyone left, and I was cleaning up. I dusted his night stand … noticed something ... looked closer ... it was a penny.

I thought, how did that get there? I shrugged and went on.

Next, I found a penny on the floor by my dresser, then down stairs by the coffee table, and another in the family room.

I wondered … did someone have a penny fight I didn't know about?

Later I was doing the laundry. As I leaned over to pull a sheet from the basket a penny was laying on top. I picked it up and started crying.

This was too many times to be coincidence. They’re ‘Godwinks’, as you call ‘em … and now I am calling them as such."



When you encounter a string of so-called "coincidences" … described in the dictionary as “remarkable events WITHOUT cause” … you simply have to conclude that God may be trying to get your ATTENTION.

In that case, they are “remarkable events WITH a cause”… a divine cause… which is the definition of a Godwink.

And Godwinks almost always bring you comfort and reassurance …as they did for Rebecca.

May your day be bursting with Godwinks!


The JAR of pennies reminds me that you'll love your coffee in a CUP of Godwinks! So many friends tell us... "it's my favorite mug."

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