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“I was FLYING from Florida to Massachusetts. When I got to the GATE I was told my bag was TOO BIG for carry on and they NEEDED $100 for me to take it on board.

Needless to say, I did not have the $100.

I started to panic and CRY! I could not bear to be SEPARATED from the suitcase by checking it with baggage… because the ASHES OF MY SON Randy, recently deceased, were INSIDE.

With about 5 minutes left to board a WOMAN came up to me and said she had just PAID the $100.

I was astonished! And OVERJOYED! I grabbed my suitcase and turned back to thank her, but she was GONE!

I boarded the plane and LOOKED for her throughout the flight … just wanting to thank her. She was NOT THERE!

There was no doubt in my mind … that was an angelic Godwink!

Cynthia Hupfer


Yet another Godwink story... someone is assisted by a KIND STRANGER... who then DISAPPEARS.

Let's check that promise again from the ancient scriptures:

"Show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing, some people have shown hospitality to ANGELS without knowing it."*

Look for your Godwinks this week ...from angelic sources.


Do you like to listen to inspirational books? There are five Godwink titles on Audible right now.

*Heb 13:2


Barb DeYoung
Barb DeYoung
Your Godwink stories are a special part of my week. I have learned so much from them about how often Godwinks happen daily. They increase my feelings of God’s closeness.
Alan Hubbard
Alan Hubbard
Many Many Thanks…AGAIN!!!

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