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Tom Grosh has been running a lawn service business in Clear Spring, MD, for 33 years. He writes of a recent Godwink:
“I asked our friend, a wedding coordinator named Debbie, to give us some ADVISE on our new wedding venue building.

Debbie was very helpful but REFUSED PAYMENT for her time. So my wife Karen and I sent her a GIFT CARD for Olive Garden and thanked her for her time and kindness.

Two weeks later Debbie reported what happened.
Debbie’s mom lives in ASSISTED LIVING and has a NEW FRIEND at the residence who gets very FEW visitors.
Debbie TOLD her mom, JoAnn, and her new friend Barb, that they were both going to be her GUESTS at Olive Garden.
Well, Godwink ... Olive Garden, it turns out, is Barb’s FAVORITE restaurant!
All in all, it was a great experience.
          1. Each of those ladies had a wonderful time out.
          2. Our new Wedding Venue kicks off with acts of kindness.
          3. Everyone learned what a Godwink is.”
Here's the moral of this story: kindness is one of the least expensive, yet most valuable commodities in existence.
We encourage you to look for your Godwinks today… and treasure them.


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Photo: JoAnn Ankeney (L) & Barbara Lane (R)

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