SQuire Rushnell

The plane was nearly empty as Pastor John Aker boarded at Newark Airport. Yet, oddly, the computer assigned him a seat next to a man named Richard. The two began talking.

Richard had just come from Sloan Kettering Hospital where doctors had given him TEN MONTHS to LIVE.

Looking at Richard compassionately, John said, “Would you like to know you are going to Heaven?”

“Yes,” said Richard.

Right there, John prayed with Richard as he gave his heart to the Lord.

MONTHS LATER, Pastor John AGAIN boarded a plane at Newark. This time he sat next to an elderly WOMAN.

As they talked, John became ASTONISHED. It turned out that she was RICHARD'S MOTHER! She said her son was STILL ALIVE and growing in his faith!

Wow! What are the chances?

“That’s very inspiring,” said John, smiling. "God must have arranged for us to sit together."

"Oh, this WASN'T MY SEAT” said the lady. “Before you came on the plane, a woman asked me to SWITCH SEATS with her!"


This story, thanks to Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade, perfectly demonstrates how DIVINE ALIGNMENT works in your life ... God divinely aligns you with people He wants you to meet.

Sometimes He calls upon us to be AMBASSADORS.

“We are ambassadors for Christ,
as though God were making an appeal
through us. (2Cor. 5:20)
Wishes for GPS Godwinks today.



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