SQuire Rushnell

“Very hurtful words caused me to hold a grudge against my mother for years. I mean I held a grudge!

When Mom began to have serious issues with dementia a nursing home seemed to be the best option. But, when Covid-19 happened, I was barred from seeing her… tormenting me for 8 months.

I PRAYED … asking the Lord to RELEASE ME from my bondage through forgiveness. My prayer was ANSWERED. The Lord gracefully lifted my grudge so I could find peace.

Meanwhile my mother kept testing negative. One day I felt the Lord’s urging to bring her HOME with me … so I could care for her. It was challenging because I was working full-time and resources were limited.

I prayed and prayed, asking God to show me how it was possible.

In His infinite grace, he showed me how I could lessen our expenses monthly and she came home with me.

I’m awed that I no longer feel resentment and, every day, praise God for allowing me such precious time with Mom … while keeping her safe.”

Carmen Stine


Every issue has a SOLUTION when we turn to prayer. And every ANSWERED prayer is a Godwink.

Good Wishes for healing Godwinks.


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