SQuire Rushnell


NFL Kicker Ryan Succop was OUT OF WORK most of last year tending injuries from a difficult season with the Titans the year before.

He began to DOUBT HIMSELF. Was he FINISHED with football?

Just ahead of the 2020 season he landed an interview with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

At his hotel the evening before, he PRAYED, “‘Lord, if You want this for me … I just trust You with it.”  

He handed his doubts over to God and walked outside to take a look at the stadium of the Tampa Bay Bucs where his future would be decided the next day. 

Ryan looked up in astonishment. An amazing RAINBOW was pointing right down on Raymond James Stadium! God seemed to be sending him a message: “HE WANTS ME HERE!”

Ryan GOT THE JOB, ending up in the 2021 Super Bowl, contributing 7 field goal points to Tampa Bay's 31 to 9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs!


Ryan will attest …PRAYER WORKS. Try it yourself. 

Wishes for Godwinks of victory.


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