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“At the grocery store, I got in line and FORGOT to get WATER.
As I left the line there was a WOMAN in FRONT of me, checking out, and BEHIND me was a MAN and his teenage daughter.
When I returned, the lady must have had trouble paying. She told the cashier she’d be right back.
The man with the teenager ... who had moved up in line during my absence...asked the cashier HOW MUCH the lady owed, then said, ‘I’ll take care of it.’
The cashier bagged her groceries, then told him the cost of the lady’s order… $109.47… which he paid.
By that time the LADY RETURNED, frustrated, apologized, and asked if she could put the groceries back.
The cashier told her ‘it’s been taken care of’ and pointed to the man.
The lady just COULDN’T BELIEVE IT… and neither could I!
The lady THANKED the man profusely. I joined in, telling him it was the best thing I’d ever seen! Another blessing was seeing his daughter witness her father’s generosity!
As I stepped up to check out, I had TEARS running down my face and the cashier was all CHOKED UP too!
I kept thinking that if I hadn’t left the line to get water, I would have been the one checking out after the lady who had an issue.
WOULD I have PAID for that sizeable number of groceries?
I think God moved me out of the way so this lady could be blessed and I could be a WITNESS to it.”
Kathy Kintzler

One of the best things about ACTS of KINDNESS is that good people are compelled to share the stories as FAITH-BUILDERS for others. Just like we're doing now!
And just about always ... there’s a Godwink!
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Nancy Jefferis
Nancy Jefferis
hi think the grocery store is one of God’s favorite places ! I am retired and have extra time on occasion. I was at the checkout lane with a medium sized order. There was one person ahead of me. I could hear the woman behind me sighing. I noticed she had 2 items. I told her she could go ahead me. She thanked me saying she was on lunch break and really had to get back to work. I said “no problem “. Just as she got in front of me, a cashier in the next lane opened up and motioned for me to go there. I did and when she completed my order she closed her line. Actually I was leaving the store at the same time as the woman I let go ahead of me. I always remember that encounter.

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