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Have you held a DREAM close to your HEART… then shared it with a friend or family member… and didn’t get the support you’d hoped for?

As a young girl I loved ‘The Carol Burnett Show’. I’d spend hours in my room PRETENDING that I was Carol doing sketches with the great comedians Tim Conway and Harvey Korman.

One day I TOLD my MOM I wanted to go to L.A. and become an actress.

I immediately realized that probably wasn’t a good idea. The LOOK on her face said, ‘Have you gone NUTS?’

My dream bubble BURST!

I began doubting myself. After all, how could a girl from Quincy, Massachusetts move 3,000 miles away to Hollywood and ‘just happen” to become an actress?

Still, I prayed and CLUNG to my dream like a treasured possession. I hung with other kids in the drama group; had a teacher who was an encourager; and one day, at the age of 18, sold my car and bought a ticket to Los Angeles.

I kept pursuing that childhood image of myself as an actress and stand-up comedienne.

Then one day … when I was least expecting it … I received the most AMAZING GODWINK.

It was a PHONE CALL, out of the blue, from TIM CONWAY himself!

He’d seen some characters I’d done on TV shows and asked me to join him and Harvey in a series of TOURING performances, in a live show called “Together Again!”

Can you believe it? I did the show that I DREAMED about as a LITTLE GIRL, for 12 glorious years!

And every night, just before going on stage, I would thank God for putting that dream into my heart, and then FULFILLING it.

Lesson learned … ALWAYS follow your dreams. Don’t let anyone RAIN on YOUR PARADE!

FYI, SQuire wrote a Tim Conway story in one of his books about the Godwink that Tim experienced as a boy that bolstered his faith for the rest of his life.

 Lots of wishes for blessed Godwinks!


PS: Love to have you join our PRIVATE GROUP … GODWINKERS… we share stories and prayers, 24/7.

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I love your books, of which I have 5 now. I might need to quote you in a book I am writing. Is that possible? Your advice and ideas are simply super. I too am a spiritual person and I am working on a memoir of unusual coincidences.

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