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“HUMMINGBIRDS were my Mom’s favorite. She doted on those birds.

One flew into the big window in our kitchen and KNOCKED itself OUT. Mom picked up the tiny thing, thinking it was DEAD. She stroked it as she sat on the deck, rocking and crying.

She prayed so hard for that little bird.

Finally she laid it on a tiny make-shift 'hummy bed'. Then, all of a SUDDEN ... it just sat up! Shook it's head. And TOOK OFF!

I saw the face of Mom, go from tears of sadness and helplessness, to tears of utter DELIGHT and JOY! It was amazing!

Then, on the day Mom WENT HOME to heaven, the family was all out on the deck. Suddenly we were joined by a flock of hummingbirds BUZZING us, touching our hair, hanging in the air in front of our faces, looking at us!

It was the most extraordinary MESSAGE of LOVE … a wink from God letting us know that mom had made it home!”

Lucy Wain


God’s birds are indeed little angelic messengers of love and comfort, especially at times of sorrow.

Today as you listen to the birds chirping in your backyard or out the window, I hope you'll think about God's orchestration of life … how we each have a job for God ... and so do they.

If you're sitting on your back deck or in the park, you might also like to LISTEN to a GODWINKS BOOK.

Many people tell us they like listening to Godwink Stories before bedtime... others as they take long car rides. You can take a look at five Godwinks books available right here ... then link to Amazon/Audible to evaluate the best offers.

Wishes for bird songs and Godwinks.

SQuire (and Louise)

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Thank you for the beautiful story about the sweet little hummingbird. Hummingbirds are my favorite, and I enjoy watching them flutter and make the sweetest little sound. God bless everyone who enjoys the GodWinks stories as I do. ❤

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