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“I LOST my HUSBAND in January. It was sudden! For the first time, my faith has been shaken.
A month earlier, my husband and I were driving past a store with a LAMP in the window.
‘I love that lamp’, I said, to which he replied, ‘get it’. I shook it off thinking it was probably expensive.
Last week I passed the same store and the lamp was STILL THERE. I pulled over to see the price. It was $100.
That night I DREAMED that my husband bought me the lamp.
While making the bed in the morning I discovered my HUSBAND’S WALLET under the bed. In my confusion and grief, I had never thought of it as missing. But, imagine my surprise when I found $100 STASHED AWAY!
Of course, I had to go to that store and buy that lamp … which, in God’s serendipitous way… my Husband DID buy for me, just like I dreamed! I will treasure it.
Joanne Darocha Saunders
God is in EVERY DETAIL of your life, continually bringing you HOPE.
Recall what He tells us:
“Not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it … even the hairs of your head are all numbered.”*

God’s fingerprints are beautifully evident in every aspect of Joanne’s story … seeing the lamp with her husband… his saying “get it”… her seeing it again, then dreaming he bought it for her, and finally… the culminating Godwink… finding his wallet under the bed with the exact amount of money to buy it.

Treasure your Godwinks today. Like fingerprints, they’re one-of-a-kind, just for you.


*Mt 10:30

Many people find the stories of Godwink books comforting at times of sorrow.

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Janna Whitlock
Janna Whitlock
God always knows what you need ! After finding $100 God and your decease husband wanted you to have the beautiful lamp.

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