SQuire Rushnell
“My BOYFRIEND of 4 1/2 years, Granger, died very UNEXPECTEDLY.
The thing that IMPRESSED me the most was how faithful he was to God and his KINDNESS to others. Every morning Granger would pray and study devotions.
We would often meet for BREAKFAST at a Waffle House after my night shift at the hospital where I work as a nurse.
Granger loved to scope out the restaurant for a patron for whom he could ANONYMOUSLY BUY their BREAKFAST.
A couple weeks ago, on my birthday, I stopped to have breakfast alone at a Waffle House. I was FEELING really SAD because this was the first time I had ever eaten there WITHOUT Granger.
It brought back so many memories.
When I asked the waitress for my bill, she told me that SOMEONE had PAID for it!
It was as if Granger was there and paid it… on my birthday of all days!
I have no doubt that God did this as a little wink for me!”
Laura Segars
When we lose someone CLOSE to us have you noticed that the mysterious communications from God seem to increase?
He knows you’re hurting and a Godwink is His way of sending you a heavenly hug just when you need it. In Laura’s case… on her birthday.

May you witness boundless Godwinks today.


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