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"I was helping out in the KITCHEN at Misson of Yahweh, the famed shelter for women and their children in Houston.
The Mission’s food supply was dependent on whatever had been donated that day.
One of our staples was MASHED POTATOES… we always had those for dinner, but this particular day we had NONE.
I went to Sister Helen Gay our founder and constant prayer warrior, telling her the situation.
She LOOKED at her watch and calmly replied, ‘Well, we STILL have TEN MINUTES.'
By the time I returned to the kitchen a VAN from a local restaurant was delivering a donation…SIX big CONTAINERS of MASHED POTATOES!"
Ron Sterlekar


When we live by faith, as Sister Gay always did, God really shows His constant presence in our lives!


If you’d like to know more about the amazing work of Mission of Yahweh here’s a link ... I’ll be SPEAKING there on May 16th. Love to meet you.

Wishes for Winks


With Mother's Day coming up, is there someone you know who'd look great in a Godwink cap.... wearing a Godwink bracelet... reading a Godwink book... sipping coffee from a Godwink Mug? Just asking.

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Thanks a million….again…for the stories.Please keep ‘em’ coming.😉

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